My name is Jon Sommarström and I'm currently studying the final semester of my MFA in Product Design at Umeå Institute of Design. I like to work hands-on, learn new things and identify problems. As a designer, I wish to be part of a team that works towards sustainable and joyful experiences for all stakeholders involved.

Besides designing I like spending time in nature, hanging out in the workshop and reading.

Looking for job opportunities starting from August 2018!



2016-2017, 1 year
Industrial design Intern


Atlas Copco

2014, 10 weeks
Industrial design Intern


Larssons Finmekaniska

2011-2012, 1 year


Jan Udden

2010-2011, 1 year  


Bergquist Insjön

2008, 6 months
Spare part responsible on saw mill