A new design manual for BROKK demolition robots, the project was done at Umeå Institute of Design.

Kitchen table
A new apartment requires a new table. The table was made out of 150 year-old floorboards scavenged from a barn that was under reconstruction at the farm.

A big interest of mine is motorbikes and occasionally I try to sketch one.

I wanted to freshen up my student dorm room up with a fancier desk and decided to make one. It is named after the farm where I grew up.


Bedside table
After I was done with the desk I thought it would be nice with a bedside table in the same style.


Paper bench
Durapulp is a combination of paper and PLA plastic. I wanted to explore the possibilities of this material. 


Coffee cup
Small production of ceramic cups made by local ceramics factory, designed with cooling fins to avoid burning yourself while holding it.  

Trial and error
Exploring how to build a concrete speaker.


Record shelf
I found it sad that my records with beautiful covers was hidden in a box on the floor and decided to do something about it. Small series manufactured by a local metal workshop.

Exploring RGB LEDs and basic programming
I had an idea that the lamp could act as a huge display showing the outside temperature changes in color.

Wish I built this phone holder future proof
A GPS (Phone) holder made out of CNC’ed plastic and aluminum for my Africa twin.

Atlas Copco Boxtram 30
Personal project during my internship at Atlas Copco.

Lotus Super Seven replica
I bought a book when I was 17, it was about how to build your own sports car on a budget, I decided to give it a try. After 1.5 years of fiddling around and with some assistance from my dad it became a road legal car. Nowadays the car has a new owner who has taken care of the details and turned it into a real sports car.