Hair dressers work environment.

 Project description
HÁIR is the result of my 10 weeks BFA degree work 2015 at Umeå Institute of Design. I looked into hairdressers work environment, focusing on the chemicals they handle. This project was done in collaboration with Frisörföretagarna and I got great support and insights from Umeå hair studios  Art by wixners and KällbergElmberg.



Professional hairdressers handle chemicals that are dangerous to their health on a daily basis. These chemicals are used for dyeing, bleaching and perming hair. Over the years it has become increasingly popular to change hair color, resulting in higher exposure to chemicals for the hairdressers. 


Project Goal

Adress the safety issue of toxic fumes in hair salons and create a safer environment for hairdressers and customers.



When a hairdresser is dying, perming or bleaching hair they move between different workspaces. Most salons only have proper ventilation at the mixing area, few have at all workspaces, allowing fumes to sneak out in the saloon.

Full scale model making

To get the correct proportions in the final full-scale model I was using scaled manikins in cad, side view tape drawings and rough paper mockups as a reference.


The HÁIR concept provides a workspace where hairdressers can perform all tasks regarding dying, bleaching and perming hair without the risk of inhaling toxic fumes from the products they use.