Environment noise canceling.

Project description
is the result of a five weeks course in storytelling 2017 at Umeå Institute of Design. The aim of the course was to get a deeper understanding of movie making and the tools needed, such as storyboarding, light setups, sound, and editing. The final deliverable of the project is a short movie of ROU, an environment noise canceling device. 



ROU was originally the result of a branding project done at Umeå Institute of design in collaboration with BOSCH. For the storytelling course I decided to rethink the appearance and put the focus on the interaction with the device. 

The story of ROU

ROU keeps your environment clean from noise.


Traditional noise canceling products uses microphones to pick up the noise and a speaker to cancel it out, this technique has its limits and works best when the speaker is very close to the user's ear. Different from this technique ROU uses light to pick up the noise frequencies. Since light travels faster than sound, it should be possible to detect the noise further away then with a microphone. This would allow the speaker to send out a canceling frequency sooner, making it possible to place the device further away from the user and give them more freedom.